Passionately built for Perfection

Building strong and capable SUVs is everyday business for the cheap brand and the story continues as the Jeep Compass gets built in India for India and the global market. To ensure that only the strongest materials go into the Jeep Compass of its crucial parts are hot stamped. A process that makes the steel really strong while keeping it lightweight is an added bonus. This also improves the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, to add to the durability of the Jeep Compass adaptive laser weld arms meticulously welds the SUV into its final impeccable form. These lasers are the tools of heavy weight. At jeep we make sure that even the doors are Laser welded. An industry first process which makes sure that there is no compromising in strength and quality what so ever. It is this strength which makes the Jeep Compass an Engineering Marvel. Perfection is nothing short of a habit at Jeep and when it comes to making the Jeep Compass we have Global goal standards to follow. The Jeep Compass is being built in India as a modern premium global SUV, we have a premium instrument panel inside which goes hand in hand with the intelligent tech outside. To make every ride thrilling yet safe the Jeep Compass comes with dynamic steering torque so on any unpredictable surface should the vehicle lose grip it will intelligently manage power distribution to the wheels and stabilize the steering to ensure sure footed and safe cornering. These are the features that provide for a thrilling yet safe ride every time you sit behind the wheels of a Jeep Compass. This is what makes the Jeep Compass thrilling and safe.