Safety comes first

Cars have become smarter and safer in  past few years. In early days cars were introduced with magnificent headlights and tail lights with  great interior. But, today safety features are one of the main concerns people have while buying a car. Seat belts were the first safety features that came in the market, slowly Airbags were amongst the main safety features that came in every new car introduced in the market. With the increasing accident rates in the country , safety features of a car are the main heroes. For instance, The new jeep compass limited plus variant comes with six airbags, a full-length side curtains for front and rear passengers. Another features like reverse camera which gives the driver a clear picture and beeps when comes closer to some object prevents any mishaps, are  being introduced in every new car these days giving luxury and a safer drive. Safety is such a foremost thing that they are now present in budget friendly cars as well.